And for their sakes, l sanctify myself, that they also may be sanctified by the truth (John 17:19).

This was part of the prayers of Jesus Christ to God concerning His disciples before His died. Earlier in verse 17, He has prayed a similar prayer which was “sanctify them by your word, your word is truth’’.

The master, understanding the times that He was about to depart and leave His mandate to His disciples made these declarations. Verse 17 is a prayer while verse 19 is a confession of what He has done. He sanctified Himself so that His disciples could also be sanctified by the truth. The summary of the purpose of His whole lifetime could be found in verse 19 that He constantly lived His life in total obedience to God because of His disciples. He sanctified and dedicated His entire living to changing the story of mankind.
Like the Lord Jesus today, you need to answer these questions:
a) Do you know the purpose of your life?
b) What sacrifice(s) do you make daily to effect a positive change in your family, community,
lineage and generation etc?
c) What is the level of the sacrifice and consecration you make? The level of your sacrifice determines the kind of legacy you will leave behind.
d) Like Paul In 1Cor6:12, what are the lawful things you deliberately abstain from in order to stand for your purpose in life?
e) What would your family, lineage, generation, world remember you for?.

Knowing fully well that the deeds of today are seeds for tomorrow ‘harvest, make haste to sow a seed that will rewrite your generational history. Some people left a legacy of bondage, iniquity, shame, debt, poverty, broken homes, evil covenant, and curses for their lineage while some left generational blessings, righteousness, fame, riches for their generation.
Gehazi left a legacy of leprosy for his seeds, Ananias and Sapphira left shame, Demas left backsliding, the son of the prophet left debt for his nuclear family. Abraham left generational blessings for his children. God promised the seeds of David, the throne of Israel as a result of David’ lifestyle.

Lois, Timothy’ grandmother handed over faith to Eunice (Timothy’ mother) and Eunice to Timothy. Timothy believed in the Lord Jesus and became Paul’ spiritual son (2 Tim1:5). Paul, later advised Timothy to pass on faith to other men, teaching them what he has learnt.
In this part of the world, you will agree with me that a lot of troubles, problems we face today are as a result of the torch passed to us by our fathers in the past, so watch what you are passing down too so that as the memory of the righteous is blessed, your children would remember you and still bless you in your grave.

Consider this, some men conquered kingdoms, nations, brought new inventions and named them after themselves or their children. Then, the question is , what is the level of your investment that your generation after will greatly benefit from or even name after you later?
In leaving a great legacy for your lineage, you need to do these:
-Leave the way of unrighteousness, sins, wickedness that you are treading and that has caused troubles in your life and family.
-Confess your sins and accept Jesus as your Savior and Lord.
-Assess the pattern of life in your family, lineage to see the origin of any error.
-Pray like Jesus to God to sanctify your family, lineage and generation with the blood of Jesus and His mercy.
-Stand, strive for what can make life better and glorious for you and the coming generation. Ask God for grace and mercy in doing this.
-Live an exemplary life; pursue your purpose in life jealously.
-Correct the mistakes of the past that you can, this may involve doing restitutions.
-Serve God with all your passions especially in the area of your calling.

Today, choose to pass on the torch of truth, total obedience to God ‘word, wisdom, riches, diligence, honesty, creativity etc. as legacies for your generation. You are not too young or old to start, so start now!