My Father, the Fountain of Living Water, the Source of Life and All living.

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The Ibo people in the eastern part of Nigeria in their native language call Him “Isi iyi nke ndu, Nke na dighi ata’ta”. I fell in love with this name the when I knew the interpretation, it means the Stream of life that never run dry. Rivers and oceans can run dry but my father never does , He keeps over flowing His grace , mercy and blessings to His children.

Thousands of years have passed and generations have drawn strength, hope and various forms of blessings from Him and yet He has not run bankrupt. Ever full and overflowing in His capacity as the Almighty whose beginning and end is a mystery not yet unfolded.  No wonder He could send springs to the desert and  bring water out of the rock. He is simply  Jehovah El Shaddai. Jehovah Overdo Indeed.