It was raining puppies daily like a German would say to describe a heavy downpour in the rocky hill of Cabeland while the  mainland part have hardly felt the cool breeze preceeding rainfall not to talk of experiencing a  downpour. The downpours in the rocky area were heavy at night but intermittent during the day.

The residents of the mainland part seem to wonder what could be wrong, their offences or is it just that the heavens refused to smile at them?  Instead of the cool atmosphere experienced in the hilly part of the town, it just seems the sun and its scorching effects have come to stay from morning to evening daily. Children marvelled at this phenomenon, they asked questions both aloud and in hush voices but can they really get answers? It happens sometimes,was the best and consoling reply they have ever gotten. They were not satisfied though as their young minds enquired more.School was close to the rocky hill while home was in the mainland, they dared not go to the playfield during lunch break because of the rain and at home too, they gave a break to playing with the sand, the sand was just too hot to play with.

So, they gathered themselves in small clusters and lifted their hands to heaven in an attempt to entreat the One who has the prerogative at His will to send showers. They prayed in silence for some minutes, each one making request to God and then they decided to clap. Just clapping and moving around in circles until they were bone tired. They did this the second day until the ninth day when suddenly there were thunder and lightning sounds, the children dispersed hurriedly but before some of the children reached their houses they were baptized with the torrents.

Like the children wondered, adults too sometimes wonder when God seems to be selective about His downpour of blessings, the questions in their hearts have been unanswered and some think the sins of their forefathers have blocked  and hindered their breakthroughs. I mean, How do you explain when it seems some are blessed effortlessly and you will have to go all the way for the heavens to be opened?

Perhaps, we should just take a clue from those children approach to finding answers. We cannot play god and believe we have answers to all problems. Maybe, by forgetting we are adults and we just dance , sing God’s praises, He will send our desired refreshing downpour. Going by God’s integrity though, we are certain He will surpass our expectations, for no one who wait on Him and is put to shame.

So, next time God seem to be selective about blessing you despite all your efforts (He is unquestionable though), just open your mouth , sing your own songs of praise day and night  and you won’t be disappointed for sure.

Remember, His thoughts are of good and of peace towards you.