“Bi a ko ba reni fehin ti” which literally means when there is no one to rely on ,this is part of a  poem in my language (Yoruba). This happens when you look all around you and you discover that you have nobody to call your own despite been surrounded by people. Does this sound familiar ? You need assistance desperately and everyone seem to have enough on their plates , they can’t even extend a helping hand. It is even worse when you do not have any trusted family or friend, then you will feel as if you could have just dropped off from the sky to the earth! This appear weird to some people, how could it be they will wonder but the truth is that you might really be lonely in the midst of people.

When such time comes or you suddenly feel betrayed by your trusted ally, please know that God is not far away. We have been blessed with His Spirit at redemption , we just need to call in His overflowing presence and ever ready help.

Ask for His help and guidance as you put in your best to build your life according to His will. Cry no more , rely on the sweet strength  of His grace , mount with wings in your endeavors believing that you will not fall. He is still the Ever Ready Help in times of trouble.