How wonderful you are, you are brighter than the morning star, you are fairer, much fairer than the lily that grows by the way, you are precious, more precious than gold.

Brighter Than the Morning Star
You, Jesus brought light to the world; no wonder the people that dwell in darkness will see great light. You came to destroy all the works of darkness especially the power of sin in man. Like a sheep being led to the slaughter , you opened not your mouth, you allowed yourself to be crucified, nailed to the cross , wore the crown of thorn , was pierced by the sides , just to buy the redemption of man and give us everlasting light.

You translated us from the kingdom of darkness, the kingdom filled with sin, agony, oppression, torments and afflictions to the kingdom of God filled with righteousness, love, grace, glory and everlasting joy. How much can we pay for all these, even a thousand tongue is not enough to show our appreciations for the price you have paid on the Cross of Calvary.
However, our dear Lord, we plead and we pray that your death and resurrection will not be in vain in our lives. Ha ! dear Lord, whatever will take you , help us to reign eternally with you. Never let the things of this world (lust of the flesh, lust of eyes and pride of life) take us away from you, help us not to be eternally lost from you.

You have prayed for us before you left the world but please help us more to be like you (in love, character, righteousness, faithfulness) so that we can be worthy to be among the rapturable saints on the last day. Remember, the shedding of your blood for our salvation and forgiveness of sins and never let us be eternally lost.

Action Points
-Jesus, please wash me of all my sins by mercy (the sins of my heart, of my tongue, the sins done with any part of my body and at any stage of my life)
-Jesus, have mercy on me and remove all the sins that may hinder me from making heaven.
-Jesus, forgive me of all my works that are not of silver and gold, henceforth, let my works be of gold and silver in Jesus name.
– Jesus , let me be like you day by day .