Today, l feel the need to write about the people that have contributed and positively impacted our lives. People that God has used one way or the other as our guardian angels , people that have stuck out their necks in the past for us.

By these people ,i mean -practitioners whose steps we have followed in different areas of life, mentors that have transmitted knowledge, experience and have given psychosocial support relevant to our work, career or personal development. Helpers that have given assistance, help and support to us at one junction or the other. Great advisers and motivators whose words have positively changed our lives, strengthened our faith and raised our hope. They have guided us enough to know what lines to cross or avoid.

Believe me, great and priceless are the impacts of mentors , helpers, encouragers and practitioners that some people may have lost visions , ministries , opportunities ,become hopeless and commit suicides without their contributions at one point or the other. Paul, the apostle is a good example in this respect. He consistently acknowledged the efforts of his helpers in the ministry, l mean, we got to know the contributions of people like Epaphras, Aristarchus, Demas, Eubulus, Linus , Claudia, Erastus and Trophimus through Paul’s letters.

Henceforth, let us acknowledge the efforts and influences of our helpers. If you have completely lost their contacts , if you could, search it out , if not , sow a seed of prayers to their lives but if your mentors and helpers are still very much around, celebrate them,send them gifts, hug them , pray for them because they are your heroes in Christ Jesus.