In continuation of this series ,let me start by appreciating my greatest Helper , the Holy Spirit. I bow before the Spirit of Him, Who is my Potter and in Whose hands l admit to be clay. He alone has been my father, the guide of my youth, my strength, my saving refuge and the Redeemer of my soul.

I worship the One whose :

Mercy is in the heavens,
Faithfulness reaches the clouds,
Righteousness is like the great mountains,
Judgments are a great deep and
Loving-kindness is precious (Psalms 36:5-7) .
For being among those that help me , my Lord and Master, I say thank you.

For all the helpers and mentors You brought my way , I say a big thank you Lord. As I recognize their contributions in few sentences , I still appreciate You that brought them to my path in life.

James and Gbonju Oluleye ,
From your wealth of experience, you taught me the nitty griity of ministry even to the conducting of a child naming ceremony . Your pieces of advice were golden and can l forget the day, Pastor Oluleye threw an open cheque of decision to me asking me to make my choice on a life time issue either as a church worker or the last of his siblings?

My being a professional in my career today was encouraged by you both morally and financially!

Engr.Bayo Oluwafemi,

You and your family gave a ride to a stranger on a sunday morning, not envisaging the events that will unfold some minutes later. The snatching of my bag that morning after alighting from your vehicle started a relationship i never dreamt of. The bag you later learnt contained all the originals of all my academic and professional certifications which were part of the requirements for an interview i was going for. Right from that spot, you took up the issue as if you had known me from Adam, you paid for the advert of the loss of my documents in the newspaper, etc , you never left me until you made sure l was fully back on my feet!

Sir, words alone cannot be enough to fully show my gratitude to you and your family, truly there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother like the bible has said. l not only learnt love (in Christ Jesus) from you , l was priviledged to learn humility from your relationship with your surbodinates in the office.
May God remember all your good deeds and richly reward you in Jesus name.

I will conclude this series with this quote from Alfred North, ” No one who achieves success does so without the help of others.The wise and the confident acknowledge this help with gratitude”.