Daniella gazed at the sky, she needs help urgently and this seems to be far away. Her efforts to get the required  financial support in the distant past have been like knocking on the wrong door at the wrong house at the wrong time. Her twin brother is at the death door and a kidney transplant is the only visible solution. This morning when he caught a glimpse of his sister she saw his tears trickled down and when she was leaving the hospital; he was teary eyed with hopelessness written evidently on his face. He seems to have given up on fighting for survival.  Daniella thought to herself that Daniel does not deserve to die just now; he has been the shoulder to cry on whenever life throws her unexpected curveballs.They have been together alone for about three years and had kind of sewn their lives together, so woven that their worlds revolved around them.

Where else will she go to? , she wondered aloud.  All her father’s relatives and friends have lately been treating them and avoiding like lepers.Their school fees have graciously been paid by them previously but the economic situation in the country is hostile now, so,they have withheld their assistance. The solution to their continuing education is to pick up part time jobs at the factory down Ebeti Road, night shift jobs’ pay will at least  fund their education for at the moment.  This was her line of thought until Dan’ s health condition became critical. Now,she could not understand why life has been cruel on them. She just need the heavens to smile at them.

First, it was the death of her parents by auto accident some years ago that left them as orphans,now if there is no quick financial intervention, her brother will soon join the saints. The last time she requested for the proceeds from her father’s real estate investments, Dave’s dad (her father’s eldest brother) had looked flabbergasted and straight away told her to take it from her parents’ tomb. The elderly man surely needs the money to cater for his legion of children and innumerable wives not to mention his heavy drinking habit. It was an open secret even when her parents were alive that he parties, drinks heavily and have girlfriends in almost every city coupled with multiple bank loans he took for God knows what.As the images from the day floated through her mind, she broke down. If she had continued requesting for their inheritance,it would have become a full scale family matter. She had only responded to her uncle’s words with a loud silence.His utterance really mortified her and till date, she still struggle to come to terms with the happenings of that day.

Her mission to get financial assistance for her twin’ surgery took her to her father’s childhood friend. Uncle Tim has just returned to the country after an early retirement as a Financial Manager of MoonGloPlc, a telecommunication firm based in Canada, he has however come along with two of his friends to invest in the country’s oil sector. She only had audience with him after her third trip, he seems to be everywhere but not in his house. The money that has taken Dan so far in the hospital has been wholly paid by him but they need more.

Without thinking twice, she jumped onto the next available bus , Uncle Tim will have to assist more , he won’t want  Dan to die now. It was a very sunny day and the sun was unsympathetic and pitiless to her fragile frame but she careless. On entering Uncle Tim’s mansion, she saw a lot of people and wondered if he was throwing a party or they were just relatives on visit. By the time she drew near, the news she heard sounded like a combination of lightning and thunderstorm, Uncle Tim had died in his sleep overnight.  She felt dizzy immediately and passed away.

She woke up to find herself a room that showed she was on the hospital bed.  She was still surprised when one of the nurses came to her rescue, she was rushed to the hospital after passing out in someone’s else house, the nurse explained. Sympathizers had rushed her to the hospital and she has been unconscious for almost 56 hours. She later requested to be discharged after narrating her brother‘s health condition.

Daniela’s heart skipped a beat as she caught the sight of Daniel’s empty bed at the hospital.  It was like an ice cold bucket of water poured over her head and she had been punched in the gut, she screamed and was about to faint again but for the speedy intervention of the nurses. By the time, she heard what has become of her brother; she knew heavens have indeed smiled at them.  A Non –Governmental Organization for Kidney Transplant Help made an upfront payment for the surgery and the surgery started few hours before she arrived, they had waited for her arrival and had to start when she did not show up. The NGO was celebrating her 10th anniversary and decided to foot the bills of two patients in that hospital, Daniel was fortunately chosen to be assisted. Daniella was energized by this news and it chased the dark clouds in her heart away.

Miraculously, two months later, she and her brother became the owner of a duplex courtesy of Uncle Tim’s Will. He had bequeathed a large sum of money and a duplex to them in His Will. Unknown to her, his major reason for early resignation and relocation had been his terminal sickness, he had cancer. Also, Uncle Tim was a widower and had no child but he was a ray of hope in the gloomy times to many. His gift- house has made them leave the rather overcrowded and unventilated apartment given to them by Dave’s dad.

This sudden change of financial status was too much for her to comprehend, it can only come from Heaven, so, Daniella gazed at the sky again and smiled,knowing for sure grace has brought them safe thus far and grace will lead them more.