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Promise of God’s Presence

If you love somebody, what you long for more than anything else is that person’s presence with you. Photos are a comfort. Telephone calls, emails and texts are nice. Letters are good. Skype and FaceTime are great ways to communicate. Yet nothing can compare to actually spending time with them in person. What Adam and Eve lost in the Garden of Eden when they sinned was the presence of God. Even more than possessing the law, the distinguishing feature of Israel was God’s presence with them. The temple was not primarily a place of sacrifice but a place of...

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Daniella gazed at the sky, she needs help urgently and this seems to be far away. Her efforts to get the required  financial support in the distant past have been like knocking on the wrong door at the wrong house at the wrong time. Her twin brother is at the death door and a kidney transplant is the only visible solution. This morning when he caught a glimpse of his sister she saw his tears trickled down and when she was leaving the hospital; he was teary eyed with hopelessness written evidently on his face. He seems to have...

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