Month: March 2017

Privileged Than I

Entitlement mentality –Part 1 I grew up in a society where an average person feels the world owns him something for showing up on planet earth. We erroneously believe that when an uncle, aunt or relative shows up in our house they are supposed to “drop” something before leaving. If they do, then they are nice but if not they must be stingy or unfortunate – perhaps they have not made it since donkey years of residing in Lagos, UK or US as the case may be. The height of it is when a relative feels you are obligated...

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Maintain Your Lane

No matter what happens as you journey to serve God and provide enviable service to humanity, never you allow yourself be distracted. From centuries past, there has been sights, sounds, attitudes, perverse ideas, imaginations, excessive gratitude, wrong accusations that have made people moved sideways and not move forward with God’s expectations for them. All these are simply high things exalting themselves and what does the bible says we should do? CAST THEM DOWN(2 Cor. 10:3-5). See the big picture of your tomorrow and maintain your lane. There is a lane ordained for you by your Maker, follow your own...

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